Pick up from your hotel at 09:30 and proceed to the Roman Hippodrome. Visit Constantine Obelisk, Theodosius Cistern and the ruins of the Philoksenes Palace before see the Binbirdirek Sarnici (Philoxenos Cistern). Afterwards visit the ruins of Antiochos Palace & Hagia Euphemia Church. Explore Hippodrome and get in to the Augustaion Squrae through the Million Obelisk where Messe ends.

We will pass the Archealogical Park near the Four Seasons Hotel to reach to Hagia Irini Church & Sampson Hospital (Patrik Palace). Visit the ruins of the Underground Maugnaure palace and the Palace corridors which was discovered by Ernst Mamboury. Then we will visit the  Great Palace Mosaics Museum followed by a visit to the Arasta Bazaar. After lunch we will visit the Nicephoros Phocas Walls at the narrow streets where Akbiyik Mosque locates and the ruins of Daphne Palace. Continue with a visit to the ruins of Boukoleon Palace and we will reach to the Saint Sergios & Bakkhos Churches and finaly to the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Then we see the Cardakli Hamam & the Rustem Pasha Fountain. The next stop is the Sphendona  and the Nakilbent Cistern. Back to the Hippodrome to see the Theodosius Obelisk brought from Karnak Temple in Egypt. See the Apollon Temple & Yılanlı Sutun (Serpentine Column) and finaly Constantine Porphyrogennetos Tomb

Above rates are per guest and included the following services ;

  • English speaking guidance
  • Transportation
  • Parking expenses
  • Donataitions to the Mosques & Churches & Monasteries
  • Entry fees to the Museums
  • For more information please contact Mr.Cem Metin
  • email : cem@tittravel.com
  • mobile : 0090 542 324 15 64
  • PER PERSON (valid for minimum 40 participants)
  • 60 USD