Pick up from your hotel at 09:30 and drive to Fatih to visit the Saint Polyeuktos Church, Kiztasi (Marcianos Tomb), Iskender Pasha Mosque, Fenari Isa Mosque (Constantine Lips Church), Ekmel Tekkesi (Ekmel Dervish Monastery/Sofular Baba), Millet Library, Fatih Mosque (the ruins of Havariyun Church, Emperor Graveyards), Kirmasti Horse Bazaar Square, Çirçir, Old Imaret Mosque (Pantepoptes Monastery Church), The Mausoleum of Mehmed Emin Tokadi , Zeyrek Pantokrator Church Mosque.
Vefa district, Şeyh Ebül Vefa Mosque, Molla Gürani Mosque (Vefa Church, Saint Theodoros Church), Kalenderhane (Theotokos Kyriotissa Church), Burmalı Mescid, Bozdoğan Kemeri (Valens Aqueduct), finally see Womans Bazaar before transfer to the hotel.

Above rates are per guest and included the following services ;
• English speaking guidance
• Transportation
• Parking expenses
• Donataitions to the Mosques & Churches & Monasteries

  • For more information please contact Mr.Cem Metin
  • email : cem@tittravel.com
  • mobile : 0090 542 324 15 64
  • PER PERSON (valid for minimum 40 participants)
  • 50 USD