If you say oldies are the goldies, you are at the right place! Here is a list of the best second hand & vintage stores in Beyoglu, Istanbul!

1) Madam Mare Vintage

Madam Mare is at the famous Kadirler Descent that is extremely easy to find since historical Galatasaray Highschool is right at the beginning of the descent. When you search among the tiny and fun stores of Kadirler Descent, Madam Mare is quite easy to notice. This lovely store offers clothing and accessories from many eras with great prices. Where else can you find shirts and skirts for 20 TRY, coats and jackets for 90-120 TRY and pullovers for 30-80 TRY? It is shopping time!

2) Pied de Poule, Çukurcuma

Pied de Poule is one of the little known vintage stores of Çukurcuma even though it was mentioned in Wallpaper, New York Times, Financial Times and many other reputable newspapers, as well as various fashion programs on tv! The owner of Pied de Poule, Şelale Gültekin, had started this ‘old-fashioned’ business with her grandmother’s clothes and now the result is Pied de Poule! Keep in mind to see her hat collection of 300 pieces and the special lingerie and corsets of the store!

3) Evvel Zaman İçinde (Eleni Vintage Galata), Beyoğlu

Madame Eleni’s vintage temple! If you’d like to time travel to France of 1920’s, head to Serdar’ı Ekrem Street of Galata where you will find Evvel Zaman İçinde. From antiques to gloves, shoes, wedding gowns and lingerie; you can find great pieces from 20’s & 50’s in this shop. We’re sure you’ll love it!

4) My Pera 1960, Cihangir

A trendy store in a trendy district! My Pera is a lovely shop, located at the heart of Cihangir where you can find the fashion of 40’s and 80’s. This second hand retro shop is full of special pieces, as well as the designs of Türkan Rodoplu who is the owner of the store. Moreover, My Pera is one of the few places where you’d find retro products of reputable brands such as Gucci, Armani, Versace and Dolce Gabbana.

5) Closet Circuit, Çukurcuma

Closet Circuit is different! As a second hand shop, Closet Circuit takes the clothes you’re not using, that you just couldn’t give away and occupy tons of space in your wardrobe and helps them find new owners who’d wear them every day! All for a sustainable lifestyle!

Owner of this store used to be a shopaholic who decided to get rid of all of her unnecessary clothes one day. She then noticed that it is not just her, but many people have the same wish. Inspired by Permaculture principles, she opened Closet Circuit and created a closet circuit! The prices vary between 20 TRY and 250 TRY. Plus, there is a vegetarian cafe in its backyard!

6) Mozk Vintage Shop, Cihangir

Another hidden beauty in Cihangir district! Mozk’s attraction starts with its tempting display case and imprisons you with its special pieces. Mozk differs among other vintage shops with its truly antique pieces that are quite hard to find so it is a bit more pricey. Enjoy the fantabulous hats and glasses. Each piece is specially picked by the owners of the store Selda Bola & Berk Özkanlı who are big fans of British style!

7) Bin Bavul Vintage, Galata

What comes up to your mind when we say retro? Whatever that is, you can find it in a stylish store named Bin Bavul (A Thousand Luggages). While going down to Galata Tower, you’ll notice a stone path. That path will lead you to a time travel machine called Bin Bavul 😉

8) Atölye Mariposa, Cihangir

Atölye Mariposa was founded in 2007, right out of the dreams of 2 sisters called Didem Arayıcı & Banu Öneş. The moment you step in the store, elegance of vintage and fascinating modern designs surround you and leaves you lost in awe! Romantic collection prepared by the founder designer of Mariposa, Banu Öneş, shows the beauty in ‘old-fashioned’ tailoring of great taste! What else you’ll find there? Beautiful dresses of young foreign designers, chandeliers of Marie-Therese style, porcelain tea sets and lovely accessories for your house!

Bonus: Giyilmeyen Gecelik Costume Atelier, Pangaltı

A store full of history in one of the oldest districts of Istanbul! Huge variety of vintage & second hand clothing is dazzling! Every piece will take you to a beautiful era from ancient Greeks to 1900’s. The owner of this lovely place is as lovely as the place itself and she is super helpful! This store definitely deserves visit.

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